Your Business Online… What You Really Must Do to Achieve Success!

You may have noticed that many business online products are sold on the premise of the one big secret being revealed to achieve success in making money online. However, this can be very misleading as there is no single reason, no panacea, apart from “doing the right things”.

It is clear, as in any walk of life, if looking to achieve success in business online, you need to do things that are proven to work and avoid the things that are known not to work.

So, if you are looking to start your own business online, there are 3 broad things you must do…

First, you will need knowledge of what it takes to be successful online. Then you will need to build a system which can get you to where you want to be and what you want to achieve with your business online. The third thing is you should seek the help of others as failure rates are very high, and it is important not to reinvent the wheel.

On this third point, it is safe to say that you should never try to contemplate doing things alone. In the words of Tony Robbins…

If you want to be successful, simply find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do. You’ll achieve the same results.”

In this blog article, I’ll present to you what you really must do to assure success for your business online.

Stick to the Fundamentals

Jim Rohn defines fundamentals as… “those basic principles on which all accomplishment is built.”

We are fortunate that Rohn applied the term “fundamentals” to the concept of success. He says that fundamental principles belong to the ages. They have been in the same form since biblical times and will remain so until the end of time. So if you are looking for fundamental success, the type of success online that endures the test of time, you must build on a solid foundation.

According to Rohn, success is a simple process which he describes as follows… “Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying the fundamentals of success to life.”

The key is always to… “Stick to the fundamentals.”

So what are the fundamentals for doing business online? Rohn’s guidance on this is that there are always a half dozen things that make 80% of the difference to what you are trying to accomplish. If you get those 6 things correct, they will make the most difference to the outcome. That is… “Whether your enterprise is in the fine arts or in music, mathematics or physics, sports or business online, it is those half-dozen fundamentals that count.

What Are The Fundamentals for Doing Business Online?

It’s clear from what Jim Rohn taught that you need to look beyond the 3 broad factors I mentioned at the outset and build on these to include all the basic things that are likely to make the most difference to building your business online.

Here’s my take on things… You need to focus on the following 7 key strands (or fundamentals) to your business online whatever niche you are in. These are all vital for development and sustainability of your business online:

  1. Personal Development
  2. Niche, Product or Service Mix
  3. Content and Brand
  4. Advertising, Traffic and List Building
  5. Emails, Conversions and Sales Economics
  6. Customer Satisfaction and Retention.
  7. Relationships and Working with Others

You can say each of these is of equal importance because only by working and developing the factors together are you likely to achieve growth and sustainability in your business over the long term. Let’s consider these in sequence below…

If you believe in your product mix and have confidence in it, the how and where to advertise will follow. You must get the economics of your sales offers correct and understand the need for process and how things fit together. Once you do, you can then implement an appropriate system to manage your day-to-day operations.

We All Need A System

The system need not cost you an arm and a leg, but you must invest time in it. Otherwise, you will struggle to gain a threshold in your market to earn consistently.

If you understand this, you will appreciate the many who fail in their online enterprise do so due to lack of a system to manage their daily operations. In summary, you will need an integrated marketing system to undertake the following:

  • Advertising to gain traffic to your websites and build your brand.
  • Link tracking so you can gather, monitor, and compare traffic statistics.
  • Page builder with web hosting to prepare opt-in forms and other funnel pages.
  • Lead Magnets to attract and persuade targeted leads to opt-in to your contact list.
  • Autoresponder to build and manage your email list.
  • Comprehensive training so you can learn and earn from the above features.

I use and recommend the “LeadsLeap” advertising platform and its associated list management system, called “SendSteed”. The LeadsLeap platform provides all the above and most of the tools and resources you will need to run your business online.

It is free to join and operate, although you will want to upgrade to the Pro version as soon as possible to grow and scale your business. You can learn more about this all-in-one marketing system by clicking the banner below…

Your Business Online… What You Really Must Do to Achieve Success!
Earn While You Learn

This is a fairly unique system as it covers all your advertising, list building and email follow-up needs. You can get started for free and, as you can make money from this system, you can earn as you learn. I recommend you therefore treat it as an income opportunity to help develop your business. I can guarantee you will make money from it as you get paid for viewing other marketers’ ads.

BEST Practice Kept Simple

While the system is important, it will not run itself. Once you have your system in place, the focus will swing back on you, and the need for rigour in your daily routine.

There are at least 4 key activities you must churn through each day and you must plan to undertake these key activities regularly. Although complex, I call this BEST Practice Kept Simple, as it is important to try not to overcomplicate things.

What does the acronym BEST Practice mean? Well, this is simply a reflection of what an internet marketer must do each day, broken down into the following 4 basic activities:

BBuild Audience using appropriate content for your specific niche to attract traffic to view your offer, identify leads and build your Contact List. 

EEngage Leads to build rapport and trust, gauge level of interest and present offer to prospects, including subsequent follow-up and clarification.

SSell to Prospects, which is the last element of the conversion process from lead to customer. However, business with your customer should not stop at the point of sale. You must also…

TTrain Referrals what to do with your product or service, whether it’s replicating BEST Practice, or to inform subscribers how to operate and make best use of what you have sold them. 

The above 4 duties comprise your Daily Method of Operation. While the first 3 get general recognition, the last one, “training”, is often neglected. Also, the balance of what you do every day is likely to vary depending on the demand for your products and services with your prevailing situation.

However, it is important to recognise that training and related factors are necessary to keep customers over the medium to long term. The training will lay the groundwork for long-term partnerships. If you ignore the relationship aspect, you will find motivation drops and retention may become a problem.

Experience has shown that training is vital to building leadership, trust and brand. Implement the full range of BEST Practice and you will also see success inevitably follow, just as night follows day…

How do you do it?” said Night

How do you wake and shine?”

I keep it simple.” said Light

One day at a time!

~ Lemn Sissay, MBE

It is most important to apply BEST Practice Kept Simple regularly and incorporate all the associated activities into your daily routine. This requires a range of essential skills you must master if you are to become an effective marketer.

Skills Development is Your Number One Investment

In an earlier post, I mentioned there is a high failure rate encountered setting up business online. The key question is why do most marketers fail while a small set meet with remarkable success?  

A well kept secret is that the products are incidental to the equation. Rather, success depends on the abilities, skills and attitude of the individual marketer. Yes, it is you that is important. You need to make choices and take action. You will need to select your product mix carefully and equip yourself with the business online skill set and resources to do the job. Without a suitable system and action, it is most likely that you will achieve little or nothing. 

Leading marketers present their products and services on the principle that anyone can do this. Just buy my Done For You products and magic will happen. It is seldom that simple and invariably many successful marketers leave their customer base to sink or swim.

What we know is that success only happens once folks discover the magic is inside them, not their product mix, per se. Newbies have to invest in themselves to get to the level of the marketer who sold them the product. There is learning involved, and this takes time.

The question then is what the essential skills are that a marketer must learn to implement Best Practice Kept Simple as their Daily Method of Operation?

Foremost, to build your audience and brand, you need to master the preparation of content. It is content that will attract traffic, raise awareness of your product and service mix, and subsequently build the know, like and trust factors you require to be successful. Trust is essential for you to be effective in the marketplace and build your brand.

You will also need to develop skills across the other elements of BEST Practice, which will require you to set up and operate your Sales Funnel system, including advertising, list and funnel building, communication and training.

It is a matter of record that all successful marketers employ list building and sales funnel techniques business online. You can find details on the list and sales funnel building methodologies in LeadsLeap.

This advertising platform is free to join and has the advantage over other systems that you can build and maintain your capture and sales pages in the free version and also build your list without ever having to fear losing your contacts. However, there is a raft of advertising and marketing skills involved in page and list building, and these take time and effort to develop business online.

There are training materials included on the LeadsLeap platform, including a free Insider Advertiser Report. The aim of this report is to help its members become better advertisers by teaching advertising fundamentals and how to get their ads to convert.

Master the Art of Advertising

Communication is Key When Building Any Business Online

There is one last thing to appreciate on the importance of your list and what it is you must do to make things happen. It is engagement, or effective communication with your contacts, that is the vital spark that will ignite your list. Without this, you can have the biggest list in the world, and finest funnel, but nothing is likely to happen.

The skills associated with BEST Practice Kept Simple are vital, and these take time and effort to attain. Note also, that if you are short in any area, business online skill or resource base, it will be difficult or well-nigh impossible to implement a satisfactory daily routine.

“You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.” ~ Warren Buffett

The answer is to do the work and be persistent in your quest for success. It is the assimilation of doing the tasks associated with BEST Practice Kept Simple over time that will unlock the door to your business online. It is like learning to walk or ride a bicycle. These activities take time. Perseverance to master skills is required, and then consistent application of these skills to make things work.

Although persistence is necessary to get you to the point you develop the skills, you then need determination and resilience to apply these skills and knowledge consistently, if you are to achieve the progress you desire business online. 

Finally, I encourage readers to engage with the blog article. In case of any questions, comments or suggestions, please raise them in the comments section below and I will respond to you.

All the very best,


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